New casino sites

New Online Casinos Sites Available to International and UK Players

2018 already offers an array of new online casinos sites meeting the highest standard of integrity and security, while 2017 provided UK players with a huge number of new casino sites catering for the increasing demand of exciting online entertainment.

The increase in new UK friendly casinos brought with it a larger variety of adventure-themed casinos inspired by gamification, the wide range of promotions and bonus offers, allows online players to collect a small fortune via free spins and other bonuses.

New Online Casinos Compared to Established Casinos

When we compare new online casinos to more established brands we take a lot of factors into consideration. Our comparison categories include:

  • Licensing by one or more authorities
  • Player safety, security & privacy
  • Bonus terms and conditions fairity
  • Game payout percentages
  • Transparency
  • Customer care & assistance
  • General player satisfaction

The UK Gambling Commission is known for its both its strict rules and exacting standards, this translated to online casinos approved via the UKGC would provide players from the UK with the safest online environment.

While certain elements within the online casino industry previously got away with less secure systems, outdated software and often ignored that their systems needed upgrading or updating. The enactment of new laws regulating the fairness in online casino promotions falling under the jurisdiction of the UKGC offer increased levels of fairness, safety, privacy and security via the latest SSL data encryption technology.

A few established online casinos offer high percentage bonuses to attract large player audiences, while new casinos focus on attracting long-term players that appreciate the value of bonuses offered with low-wagering or even no-wagering bonuses.

Most of the new casinos offer transparent services and display links to game RTP (return to player) percentage reports, which some of the established casinos did not make available to players.

When it comes to customer care, several online casinos provide member assistance during business hours, which also require players to wait longer for payouts. New online casinos want players to continue visiting their site day and night and therefore payment processing takes place 24/7 while the professionally trained customer team is always ready to take care of members questions.

The new era of online casinos, mostly operated by veterans in the online and land-based gambling industry have gained an ingrained knowledge of the industry via years of experience. This expertise of policies and service levels made for a successful online gaming entertainment industry that guarantees loyal players that successful online operators continuously pay attention to suggestions from their most loyal players.

The demand for high-quality entertainment, variety, exciting bonuses, action-packed tournaments, and impressive loyalty rewards combined in the safest environment makes for an extremely difficult, and sometimes precarious, balance to achieve and continually maintain by online casinos. Most new casinos are based on the consequence of years of experience combined with ingenious game, activity and bonus planning, to provide online players with the ultimate online experience.

Why it is Important for Online Casino Players to Visit New Casino Sites

The greater selection of new online casino sites forms part of major online casino groups, which take player recommendations and comments seriously in their continual endeavour to create a perfect online environment for gaming entertainment. Areas that have most reflect huge improvements include bonus offers, to deliver more than just an exciting gaming range, tournaments, gaming quality and loyalty/VIP rewards.

Due to the intense competition between online casino as well as a burgeoning mobile casino industry underlined by massive leaps forward in technology, cause new casinos to focus very strongly on game designs and bonus features that enhance the player experience. Gaming selections consist of games created by award-winning developers, trusted for quality and fair play.

One of the biggest advantages of joining a new online casino site must be the restructuring of bonus terms, which are way more player-friendly. Most new sites attract players via no deposit free spins and the huge benefits to players is that the winnings are in most cases wager-free, which adds tremendous value to the bonus.

Transparency proved another noteworthy change where online players have a newfound access to game-specific payout percentages, which proves that the online casino industry recently became even more player orientated to now openly become proponents of fair play.

Casinos granted a license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission require compliance with the commission’s new rules and standards, which undergoes regular updating to ensure complete player protection in a fair environment.

What UK Casino Players Can Expect from News Online Casino Sites

Online casino games entered a new genre once it became a medium playable on mobiles, Samsung Galaxy watches, television, gaming devices and now via Steam, a digital gaming platform offering multiplayer video streaming. The trend expected to bring a new level of excitement to online gaming in 2018 is new advances in the areas of global 5G broadband and HEVC video compression technology that make the punishing demands of streaming virtual reality feasible.

New online casinos focus on the latest trends which include virtual reality, live games, gamification, and player-involvement demanding games of skill.

Gamification is a new concept that brilliantly fuses gambling with immersive gaming dynamics that encourages mutual player interaction, this new trend features a far more advanced level of player participation and apart from captivating themes players compete via missions to gain access to trophies, medals and other visual objects displaying their progress.

Live dealer games combine socializing, skill and player involvement, enhanced via real live video feed allowing players from around the world to take a seat at the same table. New online casinos feature an increased quantity of high-quality games streamed from specialised live studios or land-based casinos, and even in live games such as Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, and Live Baccarat, game themes add a new level of entertainment. One of the reasons predicting why live dealer games enjoy such popularity in 2018 is that younger casino players come from a competitive gaming medium where they rely less on luck and more on their own abilities and skill, which is the main reason why software providers increasingly invest in the development of more strategy games than ever before.

Enthralling Advantages Part of Playing at New Casino Sites

Apart from the ultra-modern game selections consisting of sensibly selected games from leading software developers, UK players can look forward not only to a modern more entertaining playing session but also to an array of advantages offered via promotional re-constructed terms and conditions.

While we’ve entered an era of contemporary gaming in the highly competitive online casino’s world, new casinos know that modern-day players are more educated about their rights. What UK players can expect at new casinos is revised bonus terms, bonus offers that feature real player value tied to reasonable wagering requirements.

The UK Gambling Commission announced that several rules forming part of online casino terms and conditions need change, and most casinos have already reacted in adherence to this notice. A few of the new casino sites took bonus terms one step further to offer wager-free bonuses. The wager-free bonuses offered by new operators completely reduced the number of promotions and instead ensures that players enjoy the protection and benefits they deserve. This exceptional change somewhat negated the need to read through lengthy terms and conditions since some of the new casinos offer wager-free bonuses not limited by time-periods, or maximum cashout.

Online players determine the number of bonuses, the type of bonuses they want and when they want it at new online casinos to select basically between wager-free cash bonuses or wager-free free spins bonuses. In most cases, the free spins become available across all video slots and not limited to a specific title.

The Disadvantages of Playing at New Online Casino Sites

The disadvantages of playing at a newly launched online casino have become few and far in-between, and therefore several established brands engaged in revamping and re-launched newer more updated versions to remain a player in the robust online gambling world.

Most of the new online casinos belong to well-established brands and therefore cater for all player requirements, just better with an increased awareness on fairness. There are a few online casinos starting from scratch and still need to gather information through existence, although very few of these new sites will gain access to a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission, which requires the highest standards of moral conduct.

Several online casinos also called “fly-by-nights” launch today and close in a few months or years and players lose the loyalty points they have built up over a long time-period. All new and existing UKGC licensed casinos by letter of law must place member funds in a separate account to ensure players will always get paid, even in the event of the casino failing.

New Online Casino Sites are Mobile Friendly

Every single new online casino site has its priorities set straight when it comes to mobile players since casino gaming is as suitable to mobile screens as other fun activities. Mobile play caters to a broad spectrum of casino players, including executives preferring classic games as a form of relaxation during their demanding schedules. Younger players seek high-action gaming that requires elevated levels of player interaction and casinos also need to cater for players demanding high returns.

Software developers shifted from flash games to HTML5 to provide online players with high-quality games, lower data consumption, much faster game loading speeds and the easiest possible interfaces. Mobile casino sites enable players to participate from anywhere while enjoying access to the same security, options, games and bonuses available to online players.

No deposit bonuses have proven as the most favoured amongst UK players and since the new casinos offer no deposit wager free, free spins, Bob’s your uncle!

Basically, new online and mobile casinos became completely player orientated and you have nothing to lose by visiting one of the brand new online casinos but with a little luck and skill on your side, plenty to gain!